Karen Cureton ND, LAc

After developing her own complex chronic illness while completing a double major at the University of Georgia in Microbiology and Cellular Biology, Dr. Karen Cureton went on to pursue her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and Master of Acupuncture at NUNM. Her private practice after graduation focused on treating complex chronic illnesses including chronic infections, environmental toxicity, allergies and autoimmunity, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, mood and cognitive disorders, chronic pain, and much more. This experience, and her own experiences with trauma, led her to realize the profound impact of the brain and nervous system on overall health.

Dr. Cureton’s training in neuroplasticity work includes being a level 3 certified Eutaptics practitioner, a certified Heartmath practitioner, and studying many other approaches to neuroplasticity including Internal Family Systems, DNRS (Dynamic Neural Retraining System), the Gupta Program, Joe Dispenza’s Work, Polyvagal Theory, John Sarno’s work, Norman Doidge’s work, Alan Gordon’s work, MAP, Magnetic Mind as well as other approaches to mind-body and emotional healing.

Dr. Cureton’s post graduate training to address complex chronic illness from a naturopathic perspective has also been extensive including the study of chronic infections (including Lyme Disease & Co-Infections through ILADS, the Klinghardt Institute, Dr. Leibowitz), testing and treatment for mold, heavy metal & chemical toxicity, micronutrient testing and replenishment, hormone balancing with herbs, nutrients, and bioidentical hormone therapy, functional approach to thyroid disease management including T3 therapy and Wilson’s Protocol, Ozone Therapy, Low Dose Allergen Therapy/Low Dose Immunotherapy, Perineural Injection Therapy, Prolozone, Neural Therapy, Biopuncture, and Autonomic Response Testing.

Dr. Karen Cureton now works one-on-one in her practice using neuroplasticity techniques to help clients improve or resolve a variety of chronic mental, emotional, and physical illnesses. In fact, harnessing neuroplasticity has emerged as the focus of her practice in her work with chronic illness and chronic pain. She is also the co-founder of a group neuroplasticity program called Wired For Wellness, which is designed for those suffering from anxiety, depression, chronic illness, and chronic pain.

Courses by Karen Cureton ND, LAc