NPLEx II Pharmacology – Review Course

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Course Topic: NPLEx Review, Pharmacology
3 Presentations | 7 hours 45 mins
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When taught in-person, the entire NPLEx II Pharmacology Review with Christie Fleetwood is a 3-day course! Dr. Fleetwood has worked her magic to re-format this live presentation for an e-learning environment, so that you can dive into reviewing up on those NPLEx II drugs at your own convenience on the interwebs!

Please Note: Dr. Fleetwood’s live 3-day course has been broken up into 2 different online courses: Course #1: NPLEx II Pharmacology – Review Course (this course) and Course #2: NPLEx II Pharmacology – Building the Kit (optional; sold separately) (as noted, this latter one being optional, though highly encouraged!).

Check out the testimonials below! Dr. Fleetwood is an incredible teacher – and makes learning so fun – even when it’s pharmacology! And for the boards!!!

NPLEx II Pharmacology

Course #1: NPLEx II Pharmacology – Review Course (this course)

  • 3.5 hour PowerPoint presentation (with voiceover) on the drugs, drug classes, and disease states in the Cardiovascular, Endocrine, Hematological, Dermatological, Eyes/Ears/Nose, and Gastrointestinal systems
  • 3.5 hour PowerPoint presentation (with voiceover) on the drugs, drug classes, and disease states in the Urogenital, Musculoskeletal, Nervous, Respiratory, and Immune systems
  • 45 minute PowerPoint presentation (with voiceover) on Vaccines and Immune Suppression
  • Downloadable PDF Handouts for PowerPoint presentations

Course #2: NPLEx II Pharmacology – Building the Kit (optional; sold separately)

  • 90 minute PowerPoint presentation (with voiceover) on the fundamentals of pharmacology, including pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
  • Downloadable PDF Handouts for PowerPoint presentation
  • Downloadable 15-page NPLEx II Pharmacology Kit document (available as Word or PDF)

Testimonials from Previous NPLEx Pharm Review Students

“Because I am a visual learner, I found “the kit” extremely helpful. However, I did buy a larger piece of fabric with which to build it for more white space, better grouping, and so that I had plenty of room to add notes. I hung it on the wall in my study area and easily and quickly referred to it as needed.”

“If you take Dr. Fleetwood’s method seriously, it will be the only pharmacology review you will need. I went into my board studying knowing that pharmacology would be my weakest link, and after completing her course I was not only confident, but I performed extremely well on the exam. If I had to do it all over again, I would NOT hesitate to spend twice as much on the course; it was THAT helpful!”

“I must say that Dr. Fleetwood’s  pharmacology review for NPLEX 2 was instrumental in me passing my board exams on the first try. Without it, I am certain I wouldn’t have passed because there was a lot of pharmacology on the exam and it was not my forte. The review was helpful, practical, and nicely condensed. Can’t go wrong.”

“Dr. Fleetwood’s NPLEX pharm review was comprehensive and a major contributor not only to my success on the medical boards but also to my clinical knowledge now in practice. The information she covers goes beyond the usual facts and actually prepares you for clinical practice. I still remember much of the information she covered in her course even though it’s been nearly 7 months since then! The great part is that she provided non-pharmacologic alternatives to drugs throughout the course that were extremely valuable. I couldn’t get enough of the clinical, real-life scenarios. I wish there had been many more of them… maybe even one for each organ system! I loved the course and although I grumbled through the group activities so early in the morning, it helped me use different parts of my brain to really internalize the material.”

“Tried and True. Dr. Fleetwood’s NPLEX2 pharmacology review was well worth the investment in, both, time and money. Her creatively constructed, interactive memorization kit helped thoroughly prepare me for THE exam of my lifetime. Thanks in large to those supplemental study resources, I not only passed core clinical competency but also excelled on the elective pharmacology material. Two thumbs up!”

“Dr. Fleetwood’s pharmacology review was very helpful. She has obviously put a tremendous amount of time and effort into creating this class and it shows in how her methods teach to every learning style. If you want to know your required drugs and get some good clinical tips too I highly recommend going through this class.”

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