Homeopathy 101: An Introduction to Homeopathy [Live Webinar Series]

Homeopathy 101: An Introduction to Homeopathy [Live Webinar Series]

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Course Topic: Homeopathy
6 Presentations | 10 hours
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Homeopathy has been around for 220 years and is the second leading system of medicine for primary health care in the world. It has been used in the treatment of the common cold to cancer and everything in between. It is one of the safest yet equally effective modalities of medicine that exists.

This course is a must for any individual new to homeopathy! By completing this course, you will build a strong foundation and master the essentials of the art and science of homeopathy. You will feel confident in the laws that govern homeopathy, understand its historical roots, be able to identify key terms and reference materials, understand the process of taking a homeopathic case, and the process of applying this healing modality to your friends, family, pets, and patients.

This introductory lecture series will consist of five, 2-hour classes for a total of ten hours. These lectures will be live webinars where you can ask questions and engage with other students! All these lectures will be recorded and posted for you to re-watch.

What You’ll Learn

  • Overview the history of homeopathy
  • Understand the law “similia similibus curentur”
  • Identify Herring’s Laws of Cure
  • Overview current homeopathic research
  • Highlight different ways homeopathic medicine can be practiced
  • Define what a remedy is and how it is made
  • Define what is “similimum”
  • Understand the different potencies and when to use
  • Know the key characteristics of a Materia Medica/Reference and Repertory
  • Understand the different grades remedies have
  • Learn the language of the repertory and how to repertorize a symptom
  • Understand the key role of a proving
  • Learn homeopathic case taking skills
  • Familiarize with symptoms that are strange, rare, and peculiar
  • Repertorize using homeopathic books and online programs
  • Practice case taking skills
  • Review cases presented in class

Live Webinar Schedule

  • Wednesday, October 23rd from 4 – 6 pm Pacific // 7 – 9 pm Eastern
  • Wednesday, October 30th from 4 – 6 pm Pacific // 7 – 9 pm Eastern
  • Wednesday, November 6th from 4 – 6 pm Pacific // 7 – 9 pm Eastern
  • Wednesday, November 13th from 4 – 6 pm Pacific // 7 – 9 pm Eastern
  • Wednesday, November 20th from 4 – 6 pm Pacific // 7 – 9 pm Eastern

What This Course Includes

  • Live Webinars with Dr. Ana
  • Ability to ask Dr. Ana questions during the live webinars and interact with other students
  • Access to the Webinar Recordings on NaturopathicCE.com
  • 24/7 Online Course Access
  • Lifetime Course Access – watch again and again
  • PDF Course Handouts
  • PDF Certificate of Completion
  • Recommendations for key homeopathy books and resources for learning beyond the classroom
  • Recommendations for homeopathic kits

Weekly Course Outline

Week #1: Theory, Philosophy, and History of Homeopathy

  • Philosophy and theory of homeopathy
  • Understand the law “similia similibus curentur”
  • History of Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy
  • Herring’s Laws of Cure
  • Highlighting current research

Week #2: Overview of Different Homeopathic Methods

  • Highlighting different approaches to practicing homeopathy
    • Classical
    • Constitutional
    • Miasmatic
    • Isopathy/CEASE therapy
    • Sequential homeopathy
    • Homeopathic Drainage
    • Homeoprophylaxis

Week #3: Homeopathy Basics

  • Definition of remedies and how they are made
  • Difference between potencies and mere dilutions
  • Define Repertory and Reference/Materia Medica
    • Overview remedy grades
    • Overview rubrics and the language of the repertory
  • Understand the key role of provings
  • Hands-on practice to repertorize symptoms and begin to use the repertory

Week #4: Case Taking 101

  • Define “similimum”
  • Difference between characteristic and common symptom
    • Strange, rare, and peculiar
  • Identify important pillars in case taking: Location, Sensation, Modality, Concomitants, Causes, Changes in Behavior
  • Understand questions to ask while case taking to gather the most information
  • Explore review of symptoms (ROS) questions
  • Describe follow up visits and how to determine if the right remedy was given

Week #5: Applying the Basics

  • Repertorization using homeopathic software and/or books
  • Overview of RadarOpus, an online homeopathic software program
  • Review cases

What Other Students Are Saying

“It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with Dr. Anaheed Jackson.  She was my instructor for the “Homeopathy 101: Building the Foundation” class taught through NaturopathicCE.com an on-line continuing education platform.

I had absolutely no previous knowledge of homeopathic medicine.  Dr. Jackson took me from the very beginning through being comfortable with the idea of making and using homeopathic remedies. She provided an outline of the proposed class which included a series of 2 hour sessions.  Under her guidance, I went from a complete beginner to being able to listen and note symptoms.  We explored special reference books for use in homeopathic medicine. We dug into on-line sources to find and read possible homeopathic remedies for selected case studies.

Ana is a kind, patient instructor. My questions were answered pleasantly and in as much detail as I wanted.  We worked on class activities including researching specific methods of treating certain conditions and what the best outcome might be from various remedies.

With the assurance of Ana, I researched and purchased my own remedy for an existing condition.  I did not get arthritis in my hands over night; it took 30 plus years on a typing keyboard.  Imagine my wonder and surprise when my hands felt better within hours.  After overnight, my fingers were able to make a good fist. It is not totally cleared, but my goodness, I did not think my hands could feel good again.

As a result of her professional, caring instruction, I will be taking more classes in homeopathic studies.
-Irene L. Cook, Certified Professional Aromatherapist

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