Essential Oils Around the World: Chile

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Essential Oils Around the World: Chile

What You'll Learn

  • Geographical characteristics of Chile
  • Aromatic plants found in Chile
  • Special essential oils produced in Chile


Discover the aromatic treasures of Chile in our captivating course, “Essential Oil Around the World: Chile.” Led by renowned aromatherapist Claudia Codriansky, this course will take you on an immersive journey through the diverse landscapes and unique biodiversity of Chile, exploring the remarkable essential oils produced in this captivating country.

Throughout this course, Claudia Codriansky will address essential questions about Chile’s geographical characteristics, the wide array of aromatic plants found in the region, and the special qualities that make Chilean essential oils truly exceptional. As an aromatherapist, it is essential to connect with the natural wealth surrounding us, and this course will help you uncover the hidden gems within Chile’s aromatic plant kingdom.

The course is structured into three informative sections, each providing valuable insights into different aspects of Chile’s essential oils. In the initial segment, Claudia Codriansky will delve into the geographical characteristics of Chile, highlighting the country’s diverse landscapes ranging from the north to the south and from the magnificent mountain ranges to the enchanting coastlines.

The course then transitions into an exploration of native aromatic plants found in Chile, providing in-depth therapeutic and safety data for select essential oils. Claudia Codriansky’s expertise will illuminate the unique properties and applications of these native essential oils, empowering you with valuable knowledge for your aromatherapy practice.

Lastly, the course will touch upon non-native aromatic plants that have found their home in Chile, offering a glimpse into the intriguing fusion of international flora within the country’s aromatic landscape.

Join us on this captivating journey as we uncover the aromatic wonders of Chilean essential oils. Enrich your aromatherapy practice by embracing the natural wealth and therapeutic potential of Chile’s native plants. Immerse yourself in the enchanting scents and therapeutic benefits that only Chile can offer.

Please Note: This course was originally recorded in Spanish but has been professionally translated into English with dubbed voice over. It was originally recorded for an event called AromaSummit; as such, you may hear mention of this event during the presentation.

Course Content

  • Essential Oils Around the World: Chile 41min


Claudia Codriansky is a Chilean aromatherapist, mother of three, and educator passionate about teaching aromatherapy and training in Latin American countries. She combines the scientific side with the emotional and spiritual side of essential oils since she believes that it encompasses the full potential of information that essential oils provide us with. She also focuses on production and the sustainable use of local essential oils, since Chile has its own wealth of aromatic and medicinal plants. She is the creator of the International Online Congress of Aromatherapy in Spanish, since 2019.

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