Homeopathy and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

A Brief Discussion of Homeopathy in Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction is most commonly a psycho-somatic (Psoric in Origin) problem with males, where the person is unable to get or maintain an erection sufficient for  satisfactory Intercourse. Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability to achieve orgasm with adequate stimulation resulting in either delayed ejaculation or no ejaculation. ED is however different from impotence.


The Latin term “impotentiacoeundi” describes the inability to insert the penis into the vagina. Mostly, such conditions are due to psychological causes. It is a sexual dysfunction in males that involves an inability to achieve or maintain an erection, sufficient to perform sexual intercourse. The cause may be physiological or psychological. Among the most common causes are anxiety, stress and emotional conflicts.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:


  • Neurogenic: Neuropathy due to Diabetes
  • Spinal cord Injury
  • Pelvic Injury or Trauma
  • Surgery or Radiation: Prostate or Bladder surgery or Radiation for Cancer treatment
  • Caveronosal Cause-i.e. Pyronie Disease.
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Circulation or Arterial Disorders-Peripheral vascular disease.
  • Cardio Vascular Causes: Hypertension

Psychological Causes:

  • Psychological conditions like nervousness and panic disorders
  • Apprehension and Anticipation etc.
  • Anxiety Neurosis


  • Anti-Hypertensive Treatment
  • SSRI (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors)
  • Post Surgical or Reconstructive Surgery
  • Age  It usually takes place with advancing age
  • Use of recreational drugs, tobacco, smoking etc. causing arterial narrowing and vaso-spasm

All these factors are predisposing causes in both sexes; hence it leads to sexual dysfunction. (PSORA)

Classification of dysfunction: (Root cause is Psora)

  1. Lifelong: The dysfunction has always been present.
  2. Acquired: At some point the person is able to function without dysfunction.
    1. Situational or Conditional: The dysfunction occurs only in some situations and not in others.
    2. Generalized: The dysfunction occurs regardless of the situation.

After understanding the above stated causes, we apply the knowledge of Homeopathy to the disease condition of the patient.

Role of Homeopathy in Erectile Dysfunction:

Based on the law of similar, Homeopathy is entirely different in approach from most medical systems. In every case the Homeopath looks at everything that is going on in the patient’s life and prescribes based upon a “totality of symptoms”.

I often begin with administering Nux vomica, to patients who need to overcome the bad-effects of coffee, tobacco, alcoholic stimulants, highly spiced or seasoned food, over-eating, long continued mental over exertion, stress and sedentary life style, loss of sleep etc.

M.M. of Nux According to Boericke:  Mild: Very Irritable, Sensitive to all impression, ugly malicious, cannot bare or tolerate noises, odors, light etc.

According to Nash:

Very particular, careful, zealous persons, inclined to get excited and angry or of a spiteful, malicious disposition.

For conditions like Azospermia and Oligospermia the following medicines must be thought of:

Remedies useful for sperm-related conditions:

AgnusCastus: By relieving mental depression, it corrects the desire and improves the functional impotence

AnacardiumOrientalis: Dual personality, Lack of self-confidence with severe depression associated with impaired memory

Argentum NitricumVery Apprehensive from the first night of marriage, fearful and nervous, leading to premature ejaculations.”Erection fails when coition attempted”.

Caladium:  Excellent for smokers & tobacco chewers. Increases the sperm count rapidly in smokers and tobacco chewers.

Conium Mac:  Testicular injury Hydrocele, Varicocele, orchitis effects of suppressed sexual appetite.

DioscoriaSuited very well to tea drinkers.

Phosphoric Acid:  Gives excellent results in Oligo-asthenospermia.


It increases the motility of sperm.

TitaniumToo early ejaculation

TribulusTerrestrisA very good medicine for patients in their mid- 40’s having partial impotence caused by overindulgence or advancing age.

Lycopodium:  It has proved its great value in sexual dysfunction. (acquired and situational).Very effective in premature ejaculation!

TinosporaCardifolia(2X)This medicine proves its great value in anti-sperm antibody positive cases.



PotasXanthae: Impotence

It should be appreciated that well selected constitutional remedies are an answer to infertility only, and not other male sexual disorders.

Factors Affecting Fertility:

Lead Pipes, lead paint Decrease count infertility
Alcohol Liquor, beer, wines Increase abnormal shapes Impotence
Cadmium Cigarettes Decrease count Infertility
Chloroprene Industry,chemicals No data Impotence,decreased libido
DBCP Pesticide Decrease count Infertility
Mercury Thermometers,bad seafood Decrease count Libido affected
Tobacco smoke Tobacco Decrease count, increase abnormal shapes Infertility
Vinyl chloride Plastics, vinyl Serious derangement in Sperm Morphology. Miscarriage,decreased libido
Cocaine Drugs Decrease count,Decrease motility,Increase abnormal shapes Infertility
Marijuana Drugs Decrease count,Increase abnormal shapes Infertility
Chromium Welding Decrease count Infertility,TesticularAtrophy
Ethylenedibromide Fumigant Decrease count, motility & viability Infertility
Ethylene glycol ethers Paints, thinners,inks Decrease count, high abnormal shapes Infertility
Estrogens DES, PCB, DDT, phyto estrogens Decrease count & motility, high abnormal shapes Infertility
Heat 30mins,43-47C, 12days Hot weather, sauna, ceramics Decrease count Infertility
Microwaves-high frequency Electronics Decrease count & motility, high abnormal shapes Infertility


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Nikunj Trivedi PG-Hom

Dr. Nikunj Trivedi began his career as a medically qualified homeopath, ranked first in University and has been practicing homeopathy since 1980 in India and from 2004 in UK. He is currently based in Leicester-UK, from where he runs his very busy clinical practice with his wife – Dr. Amita.

He has been involved in treating Infertility and Chronic cases with his wide experience of modern medical investigations, combining with Homeopathic totality to prove the effectiveness to restore the abnormal pathology to normal physiology.

In his career of 42 years, he has treated a wide spectrum of patients from all over the world and given numerous lectures at various institutes. In addition to this, Nikunj`s articles are regularly published in various Homeopathy journals. Nikunj specializes in treating fertility problems and chronic diseases and has authored four books on the subject.

Nikunj holds a lifetime membership of the Homeopathic Medical Association of India (HMAI) and GHMA-India. He joined the UK Homeopathic Medical Association (HMA) in 2004 and has since then been actively involved and currently serving as a HMA Chairman.

His aim of promoting and raising awareness about Homeopathy are in parallel with the HMA’s aims.

Nikunj has held several charity clinics and regularly participates in the Homeopathic Awareness Week.

He also runs free sitting in clinics and clinical training sessions for students and homeopaths.