George Dimitriadis DHom

George Dimitriadis DHom, FHom, FJPHMA had his introduction to Homœopathy nearly forty years ago, when a friend showed him his own dispensary of homœopathic medicines and described how ‘potentisation’ actually made highly diluted substances ‘stronger’ and more effective. This idea aroused George’s curiosity and instead of being dismissive, he felt compelled to learn more about this physical phænomenon. George commenced his own study of Homœopathy (1979-1982), then medical sciences (1983-1986), graduating from the University of New South Wales before taking up full-time homœopathic medicine practice in Sydney (1986).

George travelled widely through Europe and India, visiting clinics and teaching institutions in order to observe first-hand their method of learning and of application. He has taught both within Australia and internationally, contributed numerous articles to a number of professional journals, and authored six books for the profession.

George was founding Vice-President and later President, Society of Classical Homœopathy (SCH, 1985-1995), also Chief Editor, Australian Journal of Homœopathic Medicine during its publication life (1992-95), and founder (1993) of the Hahnemann Institute (Sydney) which continues today as a seminar-based graduate teaching and literary research institution, emphasising the need for definition, accuracy of observation, and collection of evidence through close examination of original source literature.

From 1995 George began to focus on the work of Bönninghausen and in particular his Therapeutisches Taschenbuch [TT] (Therapeutic Pocketbook), and spent the next 5 years on his English language TT re-publication project – to correct and revive Bönninghausen’s repertorial legacy (with specific reference to original sources), culminating with the publication of The Bönninghausen Repertory (TBR, 2000). The second edition TBR2 (2010) is widely recognised as the most reliable repertory available today.

George’s passion for detail and accuracy, together with an immersion in all available writings of Hahnemann and his contemporaries, has provided a comprehensive faniliarity of the development of Homœopathy from its very beginnings, and a clear understanding of true Homœopathy. He is always keen to pass on this knowledge, teaching others how to learn themselves, by demonstrating the method and value of refering directly to primary sources. Past students have commented that this grounding has given them greater certainty and confidence in practice – a sense of position within this profession.

George and his wife Jacqualine practice at the Hahnemann Homœopathic Medicine Centre, located in the Sydney suburb of Parramatta.

Courses by George Dimitriadis

Homœopathic Medicine: Pure and Applied

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