Naturopathic Aesthetics: Emerging Cosmeceuticals

Naturopathic Aesthetics: Emerging Cosmeceuticals

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Course Topic: Skin Care
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The world of cosmeceuticals is ever-growing as more and more products come to market on a regular basis. While there is no shortage of products derived from key cosmeceutical categories, such as naturally-sourced antioxidants, some of the more unique ingredients are being developed thanks to research accomplishments in other dermatological areas such as wound healing.

This course will introduce you to one of the most prevalent groups of emerging cosmeceuticals: those of peptides, growth factors, and stem cell-derived products. Specifically, we will review some of the key subtypes of peptides, including carrier and signal-based, enzyme-modulating, and neurotransmitter-inhibiting; common constituent of growth factor and cytokine-based cosmeceuticals; and the latest innovations in the stem cell derived product realm. For each, we will also review the established role and benefit in managing the photoaging and hyperpigmentation processes, highlight samples of research studies, and explore the theoretical (and often debated) risks cited in the literature.

Given that many cosmetic companies are now featuring items in their product line containing these popular ingredients, delving into this arena will help expand the knowledge base for all aesthetically-focused practitioners.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the various types of peptide-based cosmeceutical categories
  • Identify and understand the differences between the various types of peptide products used in cosmeceutical preparations
  • Review the role, benefit, mechanisms of action, and clinical/aesthetic applications for specific types of peptide cosmeceuticals, growth factor formulations, and stem cell-derived products
  • Explore and appreciate the connection between the wound healing process and how it relates to the intrinsic/extrinsic causes of the skin aging process
  • Understand the role of growth factor, cytokine, and stem cell-derived products in the context of the wound healing-photoaging model
  • Identify the methods and theories by which peptides, growth factors, cytokines are believed to penetrate the skin to achieve their cosmetic effects
  • Appreciate the various evaluation methods used in current cosmeceutical research studies
  • Understand how certain peptide and growth factor cosmeceuticals can be combined with various medical spa procedures for a synergistic benefit
  • Understand the currently debated theoretical risk associated with the use of growth factor and stem cell-based topicals

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