Naturopathic Aesthetics: An Introduction

Naturopathic Aesthetics: An Introduction

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Course Topic: Skin Care
3 Presentations | 4 hours 15 mins
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Stroll into any department or cosmetics store, and the plethora of products made from herbal extracts, vitamin infusions, and all else that nature has to offer, will be readily apparent. Yet, despite our shared education in managing a multitude of dermatological concerns, the understanding and application of these cosmetic products remains underexplored. This course seeks to provide a detailed overview of how Naturopathic therapies can be used in Aesthetics Medicine. Topical, dietary, and lifestyle-based approaches in the maintenance of healthy skin; prevention & reduction of skin photoaging; and in the management of various dermatological and aesthetics concerns will be reviewed.  

Within the review of topicals, we will explore in detail some of the popular & well-established cosmeceutical ingredients and products used for photoaging, oily & dry skin, pigmentation concerns, facial redness, periorbital skincare, and cellulite, among others. Other topics reviewed will include: examples of Naturopathic approaches to complement popular Medical Spa services; scar and wound management; and common ingredient formulations to consider in selecting moisturizers, cleansers, and sunscreens.

This course will benefit a variety of Naturopathic practitioners: those currently utilizing aesthetics therapies such as cosmetic acupuncture or mesotherapy; those working in, or seeking work in, a medical-spa or fitness facility; those managing a high degree of dermatological conditions; and finally, those simply looking to add an aesthetics element to their clinical practice.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the various applications of Naturopathic Aesthetics to one’s clinical practice
  • Appreciate the integral role of the skin barrier, and its components, in maintaining skin health and in the treatment of various dermatological & aesthetics concerns
  • Review the role, benefit, and clinical/aesthetic applications for various topical cosmeceutical products and/or ingredients
  • Identify key ingredients used in the formulation of topical moisturizers and skin cleansers, including those used to fortify the skin barrier
  • Identify key topical cosmeceutical ingredients, diet and lifestyle approaches in the management of: oily skin, dry skin, facial redness/blotching, hyperpigmentation, skin photoaging, cellulite, scar & wound management, among others
  • Identify how Naturopathic Medicine can compliment the use, and enhance effectiveness of, various Medical-Spa/Dermatological services and devices
  • Identify the two key types of sunscreen ingredients; which type to use under certain dermatological conditions; and provide patients with easy-to-use guidance regarding appropriate sunscreen use
  • Understand and apply key dietary approaches to support healthy skin and reduce effects of photoaging

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