Advanced Homeopathy: Concomitant Symptoms – Mind Chapter

Advanced Homeopathy: Concomitant Symptoms – Mind Chapter

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Concomitant symptoms are a pivotal understanding of homeopathic practice. They can greatly aid the practitioner in identifying the Similimum by seeking the totality and peculiarity of the case that is presented. Concomitant symptoms are those symptoms that seemingly have no relation to the leading symptoms or pathology of the case – yet have tremendous value to the homeopathic practitioner.

Boenninghausen is quoted as having said, “The concomitant symptom is to the totality what the condition of aggravation or amelioration is to the single symptom.” Boenninghausen reiterates that concomitant symptoms are simply co-existing symptoms of a disease under consideration but distinguished by a rare peculiarity and can be elevated to the rank of a characteristic symptom.

The three standards for being a characteristic symptom are:

  • The characteristic symptom rarely appears in connection with the leading disease and, therefore, is found rarely among remedy provings.
  • The characteristic symptom belongs to another sphere of the disease than the chief ailment. In other words, it has no pathological relation to the chief ailment.
  • The characteristic symptom demonstrates characteristic signs of a homeopathic remedy, even if not explicitly noted previously in the present case expression.

This course will specifically focus on concomitant symptoms from the mind chapter. Along with an exploration of concomitant symptoms of the mind chapter, this course will also review some lesser known homeopathic remedies including Anantherum, Gnaphalium, Hippomanes, Elaps, Sin-n, Arsenicum hydrogenisatum, Angustura, Xanthoxylum, and Jalapa.

Below are some example concomitant symptom-based rubrics that one might find in the repertory:

  • Mind- ailments from fright- coition during- Lycopodium
  • Mind- anger- diarrhea; during- Gnaph (Gnaphalium polycephalum)
  • Mind- anger- fever; during- ( Anan.= Anantherum muriaticum& Hipp.= Hippomanes)
  • Mind- anguish- meningitis; during- red or purple streaks on the neck and back; with- Bufo
  • Mind- anxiety- night- dentition; during- Kali-br (3)
  • Mind- anxiety- manual labor- during- Aloe, Anac, Graph, IOD (3)
  • Mind- anxiety- stool- during (24 Rx)
  • Mind- biting- fingers/hands- sleep- during- Elaps
  • Mind- cheerful- pain; during- Spig
  • Mind- clinging- children; in- cough; during- downward motion; at- Borx & Sanic
  • Mind- confusion of mind- perspiration, during (28 Rx- Bell., Sep., Sulph are all 3)
  • Mind- despair- vomiting, during- Ars-h (Arsenicum hydrogenisatum)
  • Mind- excitement- nervous- pain; during- sciatic nerve; in- (9 Rx)
  • Mind- fear- alone, of being- menses, during- Ars, Con, Elaps
  • Mind- fear- apoplexy, of- stool, during- Verat.
  • Mind- fear- coition- during- impotence from fear; with- (Sin-n)
  • Mind- fear- death, of- heart symptoms, during- dyspepsia; in- Ang (Angustura vera)
  • Mind- fear- open spaces; fear of- menopause; during- Glon
  • Mind- forsaken feeling- headache; during- Meny (Menyanthes trifoliata)
  • Mind- gestures, makes- hands; involuntary motions of the- grasping- head- stool; during- Ars
  • Mind- growling- sleep, during- Lycopodium
  • Mind- helplessness; feeling of- menses; during- Foll.
  • Mind- hurry- headache; during- hot face; with- Ptel (Ptelea trifoliata)
  • Mind- laughing- menses; during- Ars, Nux-m, Plat
  • Mind- loquacity- headache; during- Cann-i
  • Mind- mistakes; making- writing, in- wrong- words- headache; during- Nat-m, Nux-m
  • Mind- nymphomania- menses; during- Calc, Hyos, Kali-br, Kali-c, Plat, Sec, Verat
  • Mind- quarrelsome- delivery; during- Cham (3)
  • Mind- reproaching others- pains, during- Nux-v
  • Mind- restlessness- headache; during (38 Rx)
  • Mind- restlessness- pneumonia; during- Pyrog & Rhus-t
  • Mind- rudeness- fever; during- Lycopodium
  • Mind- sadness- fever; during (18 Rx)
  • Mind- sadness- menopause; during (34 Rx)
  • Mind- sensitive- odors, to- delivery, labor, during- Nux-v
  • Mind- sentimental- drunkenness- during- Caust & Lach
  • Mind- shrieking- fever; during (14 Rx)
  • Mind- sighing- menopause; during- Xan (Xanthoxylum fraxineum)
  • Mind- sighing- menses- during- Amel.- Nat-p
  • Mind- spitting- fever; during- Bell & Caps
  • Mind- striking- himself- pain; during- Plb
  • Mind- unconsciousness- cough; during (6 Rx)
  • Mind- weeping- involuntary- conversation, during- Carc, Cupr (3)
  • Mind- weeping- pains- intermission of; during- Glon
  • Mind- weeping- palpitation, during- Phos, Plat
  • Mind- weeping- sleep, in- child good during the day, screaming and restless at night- Jal, Psor
  • Mind- weeping- whimpering- sleep; during- (34 Rx)
  • Mind- whistling- fever; during- Caps

Learning Objectives

  • Define concomitant symptoms according to Boennighausen
  • Review several Characteristic symptoms by J.T. Kent
  • Review important concomitant symptoms of the mind chapter
  • Key terms used when using the search function for Concomitant symptoms
  • Briefly review 10 lesser known remedies that can be found in concomitant symptoms of the mind chapter (Anantherum, Gnaphalium, Hippomanes, Elaps, Sin-n, Ars-h, Angustura, Xanthoxylum, Jalapa)


Please Note: screensharing of the electronic repertories and references in the RadarOpus homeopathic program will be used at times to demonstrate course materials. It is not necessary to own any homeopathic software, including RadarOpus, to gain benefit from the homeopathic education provided. The nature of this class is educational, not commercial.

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